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More than just a drink, wine in Burgundy is part of a real culture , a “wine civilization”. It is at the origin of many landscapes, traditions, small and big stories ...

The landscapes of wine-growing Burgundy are not just natural landscapes. The Climats of the Burgundy vineyards registered with UNESCO attest to their specificities and their importance in the production of Burgundy wines. A cultural and natural heritage, a precious know-how and many activities are aspects not to be missed in the extent of these Burgundy landscapes.


To the south-east, there is a territory with a thousand ponds, the Dombes, which reveals a changing and unexpected landscape to visitors who walk through it. The first freshwater fish-farming region, Dombes is also a land of ancestral traditions (pond fishing, horse breeding, etc.), a paradise for birds, with exceptional flora and fauna, all in unspoiled nature.

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Burgundy wines in Maconnais country

The southern terroir of the Burgundy vineyard, the Mâconnais, stretches from Sennecey-le-Grand to Saint-Vérand. The Mâconnais is a series of hills along the right bank of the Saône, offering a rich cultural heritage with in particular the Abbey of Cluny, but also majestic landscapes such as the Roche de Solutré .

Covering an area of ​​around 7,000 hectares, the Mâconnais is nonetheless the largest vineyard in Burgundy! So you won't have time to get bored. You should know that the production of white wines from Chardonnay is the majority in the territory but there are also red wines, which are tasted rather young. Since 2020, 22 climats of the Pouilly-Fuissé appellation have been recognized as 1er Cru. Previously, the Mâconnais was the only Burgundy vineyard to have no “1er Cru” among its wines.

Parc des Oiseaux

The Bird Park

The Park's collection is the largest and most diverse you can see in Europe! It has more than 60 species listed in the Red Book of Endangered Species in nature; the park actively contributes to several exemplary conservation programs such as that of the bearded vulture, the most endangered vulture in Europe.

From the African savannah to the Australian bush, from the tropical jungle to the Chilean coast, embark on a real world tour during which you will discover the most beautiful birds and the most sumptuous landscapes of the 5 continents.

From the amphitheater, you attend a ballet full of feathers and colors, worthy of the greatest choreographers. The common thread of this show is to sublimate what is most magical about birds: flight. Against a backdrop of music that is sometimes playful and sometimes soft, the artist-birds take the stage.

Dégustation Bourgogne

The Beaujolais Wine Route

The Beaujolais Wine Route is 140 kilometers of adventure, from the north of Lyon to the south of Mâcon, the gateway to Burgundy. On the road, there are 12 appellations to discover and hundreds of villages to explore.

To discover Beaujolais wines, embark on a natural, cultural and flavorful experience! Alone, with family or friends, set off on the Beaujolais wine route for a unique wine and gourmet excursion! Along the way, discover the great Beaujolais wines and vintages and enjoy local specialties through quality tastings.




Pérouges , the pretty medieval city, a stone's throw from Lyon, offers surprising architecture to believe in the Middle Ages. Guided tours are offered by the tourist office to learn more and more about this little gem.


Who has never dreamed of traveling through time and all the galaxies with the wave of a magic wand? What if we told you that there is a time machine hidden here? A fantastic place where the imagination escapes, the mind soars and the eyes widen? So let's go to Pérouges!

This incredible place is tiny, but superbly preserved. It is a town straight out of the past, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. At every bend, every step on the curved and polished pebbles by centuries of travelers, we are projected elsewhere.


La Roche de Solutré

Culminating at 495 meters, the Roche de Solutré is located in the heart of the Grand Site de France, made up of Solutré, Pouilly and Vergisson. Accessible on foot, you can reach the summit and discover a spectacular panorama of the Mâconnais vineyards.

Everyone knows La Roche de Solutré, if only through photos or television reports. What is much less known is what is hidden at his feet! Does “horse magma” mean anything to you? No ? No wonder, the Solutré deposit is unique in Europe. To put it simply, these are horse bones (we are talking about tens of thousands!) Distributed over a meter in height in certain places and accumulated here over a period of 25,000 years!

Question: How could so many horses manage to die in the same place, over such a long period? We let you work out your theory...

Located at the foot of the Roche de Solutré, the Museum of Prehistory presents the collections of one of the richest prehistoric sites in Europe. It evokes the life of Upper Paleolithic hunters in Solutré as well as the original aspects of Solutrean culture. And to complete the visit, do not hesitate to discover its archaeological and botanical garden by following the marked path of about 1 kilometer which will give you details on the plants and trees that you will come across. The trail is punctuated by 8 strong points addressing geology, hunting techniques, the landscape during prehistoric times...

You can leave from the Museum of Prehistory of Solutré which is located at the foot of the rock for a course of 4 km. And you don't need to be a seasoned athlete... You just need to take your time and enjoy the scenery for a smooth climb.

Theize en Beaujolais

The Beaujolais Land of Golden Stones

In the South of Maconnais, at the gates of Lyon, the Beaujolais des Pierres Dorées is a guaranteed favorite! Here the alleys of the villages light up and change colors throughout the day. This special golden stone is made of limestone which, staining with iron oxides, takes on this golden color.


The land of the Golden Stones is a stroll through small towns of character such as Ternand, Châtillon d'Azergues or Charnay. Do not forget the jewel in the middle of this region: Oingt, the only village in the Rhône department classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France!

Land of castles, do not miss that of Bagnols, the Château de Rochebonne or the Château de Rapetour in Theizé.


On foot for a hike, in a duo on a motorbike or even on a bicycle: all means are good to go for a walk. The southern gateway to the Beaujolais Wine Route, the rolling landscapes of the Pierres Dorées offer remarkable views from one village to another.

Grotte de la Balme 4

The caves of La Balme

Visited since 1807, the Caves of La Balme unveil their history and their mysteries throughout the 1,000 meters of underground galleries to explore. Located in Nord-Isère, in the center of the village of La Balme-les-Grottes, they constitute a strong detour in sensations on the territory of the Balcons du Dauphiné.

Temperate in summer and winter, sheltered in the rain, the Caves of La Balme can be visited all year round and in all weathers thanks to an average temperature between 12 ° and 15 ° C. Exceptional flora and fauna! With a little luck and patience, you might come across these amazing mammals that are bats. 23 species stay temporarily or permanently in the Caves of La Balme, out of the 35 present in France. An opportunity to learn more about this harmless animal with an unjustified bad reputation!


Many birds are also visible in the entrance to the caves, such as jackdaw or rock swallows, and sometimes tawny owls. The deeper galleries are home to cave invertebrates (shrimps, beetles, etc.). Complete your day with the free trail of the Sensitive Natural Area "Les Coteaux de Saint-Roch". This preserved natural area will make you discover the peculiarities of the cliffs, the forest and the dry lawns which surround the Caves of La Balme and are home to many species of protected plants and animals.







Une escapade gourmande en Bourgogne pour découvrir la région et le terroir local, en particulier ses grands crus renommés.

A gourmet getaway in Burgundy to discover the region and the local terroir, in particular its renowned grands crus.

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La Vallée de la gastronomie au complet du Nord au Sud en slow-tourisme.

The Valley of gastronomy in its entirety from North to South in slow-tourism.

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Un circuit de découverte de la vallée de la gastronomie entre Lyon et Dijon. Nuits de charmes, restaurants, produits du terroir et visites culturelles au programme.

A discovery tour of the gastronomic valley between Lyon and Dijon. Charming nights, restaurants, local products and cultural visits on the program.

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